Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being sick blows, and I'm not going to do it any more

I've had quite the run of illness - thankfully mostly my own (and what explains how having kids changes you better than the previous statement?) although Charlie girl has had a couple of colds and kept us up all night coughing.

No no, I'm the one that got hit with the mysterious stomach bug the last couple of days, before that was my own special pink eye, plus the reaction to the eye ointment (!!! don't let anyone prescribe you an eye OINTMENT, it's disgusting) and before that was the week-long sore throat the was unconnected to any other cold-like symptoms. Add on top of that the migraines, and I've been having a really great time!

Well, screw that. I'm not getting sick any more. I find it really counter-productive to the whole "NOT laying around like a depressed lump" thing I'm trying to cultivate over here. Maybe if I wish real real hard...

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